In The Netherlands we celebrate Christmas on the 25th and 26th of december. A lot of people won’t have to work on these days.
Now as a heathen I also like Christmas. The way of celebrating can look a lot like Yule or Midwinter (the pagan or heathen holiday around the 21th of december).
The Yuleday is celebrating-time for me and my love. We use the two Christmasdays to visit our family.
This year we had our Yule celebration at my cosy house, I made a delicious meal and we visited nature. On the first Christmasday we had dinner at his parents and the second Christmasday dinner at my parents with presents.
It was a lot of fun.
Our own Christmastree had underneath a little crib with Jesus in it and we had little lights and red and purple balls in it.


Spiritual Poetry 1

With my eyes closed
With my ears open
I smell tasting
The Present

With my eyes closed
With my heart open
I hear the Cosmos
She pulsates deep inside me

With my eyes closed
With my hands on the Ground
I feel the Layers
From New to Old to Oldest

With my eyes closed
With my third eye open
I see the Others
They who stand around and behind me

With my eyes closed
With my eyes closed
I experience the World
As She really reveals Herself to me

Written by myself, fall 2014